Call for papers - Now closed

Submission Deadline:  March 18, 2013 - Now closed
Notification of acceptance: May 22, 2013
Camera-ready paper : May 29, 2013


Technical Program Chairs : Lori Lamel, Pascal Perrier
Contact :

We invite you to submit original papers in any area related to the domain of the conference, including - but not limited to :

  1.  Human Speech Production, Speech and Language Acquisition
  2.  Human Speech Perception, Interaction Production-Perception and Face-to-Face Communication
  3.  Linguistic Systems, Language Description, Languages in Contact, Sound Changes
  4.  Speech and Hearing Disorders
  5.  Analysis of Speech, Audio Signals, Speech Coding, Speech Enhancement
  6.  Speech Synthesis, Audiovisual Speech Synthesis, Spoken Language Generation
  7.  Speech Recognition: Signal Processing, Acoustic Modeling, Pronunciation, Robustness, Adaptation
  8.  Speech Recognition: System, Architecture, Lexical and Linguistic Components, Language Modeling, Search
  9.  Speaker Characterization, Speaker and Language Recognition
  10.  Spoken Language Understanding, Dialog Systems, Spoken Information Retrieval, and Other Applications
  11.  Metadata, Evaluation and Resources, NLP including MT applied to spoken data

A detailed description of these areas is accessible at:

Paper Submission Procedure

PLEASE NOTE NEW PAPER SUBMISSION FORMAT : papers for the INTERSPEECH 2013 proceedings should be up to 4 pages of text *plus one page* (maximum) of references (*only*).

Paper submissions must conform to the format which will be defined in the paper preparation guidelines and provided with the author’s kit, on the INTERSPEECH 2013 website, along with the Final Call for Papers.

Authors may optionally accompany their papers with additional files, such as multimedia files, to be included on the Proceedings USB key. Authors shall also declare that their contributions are original and are not submitted for publication elsewhere (e.g. another conference, workshop, or journal).

Papers must be submitted via the on-line paper submission system, which will open mid-February 2013. The deadline for submitting a paper is March 18, 2013. This date will not be extended.

The working language of the conference is English.

Information on the submission procedure will be available at: