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General information:

This year, ISCA and INTERSPEECH 2013 will jointly offer 60 grants to students and young scientists (age < 35)
in order to help them attend the conference and stay around the venue. Each grant, equivalent to 650 euros, will offer:

  • free student registration (representing 260 euros)
  • optional accommodation in university residence (*) (from 170 euros to 306 euros depending on the chosen option)
  • the remaining amount will cover per-diem

(*) Grantees having selected the accommodation in university residence will not have to pay for it (no deposit to pay)!

 will also contribute to this grant funding. More information will be given in the application form.

Go to the accommodation section for more details.

Admission conditions:

Grants for participation in INTERSPEECH 2013 will be administered by the ISCA Board and
awarded according to the available budget to applicants who fulfil the requirements stated below.

  • Letter of acceptance of a paper to be presented
  • Mentioning of other funding being requested, awarded or rejected by other sources
  • No previous grants from ISCA
  • Preference to applicants from areas needing greater support

The aim of these grants is to ensure a broad representation of the scientific topics of the conference
and a cross-section of the international speech community as wide as possible. Researchers who are unemployed
or coming from low income-level countries are also encouraged to apply. Applicants from all countries are eligible.


Applicants can fill the relevant form and provide complementary documents:

 - a Curriculum Vitae with academic records
 - a complete list of previous publications (title, year, co-authors, journal/book/proceedings, pages)
 - a copy of the original manuscript(s) accepted to the conference
 - a recommendation letter from the applicant's supervisor
 - a list of the conferences, workshops already attended by the applicant

An on-line application form is available here.
As the period for application will be very short, we encourage students interested by this source of support
to start preparing some of the required documents.


  • Grant application will start after the paper acceptance notification: May 24th, 2013
  • Grant application deadline: May 29th, 2013
  • Notification of grant acceptance: June 4th, 2013
  • Registration before the deadline for "Early Registration" : Up to June 17 included

Acceptance and Registration procedure:

Each grantee will receive a specific key code to enter when filling in the registration form.
The amount of the early student registration (260 euros), and for non-ISCA members, the amount of
one-year ISCA student membership (20 euros) will be deduced automatically from the total grant amount (650 euros).

Grantees will have to register before the "Early registration" deadline, using the key code they will receive with their grant acceptation.

Accommodation Options:

Applicants who want to book one of the university accommodations and benefit from one of the accommodation packages
will have to select the relevant option when filling in the application form. Details about the offered accommodation packages
can be found here.

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